5 Things I've learned from 2020

As we all know 2020 wasn't exactly the best year, it was filled with so many ups and downs it was hard to keep track of what was happening. It's often easy to focus on all the negatives rather than reflecting on the positives, or even just learning from the negatives. For me towards the end of the year began to get especially hard to keep my head above the water and not be weighed down by everything that was going on around me. Trying to stay focused in an ever changing world took its toll mentally and by the time my work year had come to an end I was absolutely drained, in a way I'm glad we weren't allowed to socialise over Christmas because I certainly needed those 2 weeks to fully rest.

With that in mind, I thought I would share with you 5 things I feel 2020 has taught me and that I will be taking into the New Year with me.


We all faced a lot of changes in 2020. Whether it was the move to working from home for some, homeschooling for others, even just down to the way we greet our friends! For me probably the biggest change was Jack working from home CONSTANTLY and then being furloughed. Over the past few years of working on my own I had grown accustomed to my routine and my own space at home whilst working. Suddenly having someone there ALL the time whilst I was trying to work was pretty tricky, I found myself being constantly distracted and frustrated as my usual routine had been turned upside down.

However, as we now enter a new year and Jack is still working from home, I've found it quite nice. Having an actual human to talk to in my work day is really nice, someone to bounce ideas off or rant too when things haven't gone exactly to plan. We are lucky enough to have the space and have made the space for us both to have separate offices/workspace so we are no longer distracting each other. Not having to wait for Jack to get home from work in London at 8pm every night is also great, we actually see each other in the evenings now which before Covid-19 would only happen every now and then.

In May we will both be facing the biggest change in our lives yet when our first child is due to be born... OMG! Obviously that is a blessing in itself however when you're self employed it throws so so many unknowns and challenges at you. How on earth am I going to juggle a new born and running a business on my own?! Luckily unlike the changes Covid-19 bought to us pretty much overnight we have 9 months to plan for the changes a baby will bring.


Many small businesses had to quickly adapt to the ever chaining restrictions in 2020, and still in 2021. It's a mine field. I was fortunate enough to have been selling almost solely online for the majority of the last 3 years so the shift to online shopping wasn't bad for me. I did however have to let a dream of running my own little shop go. The plan was to open in May on the river front where we live in a space that I thought was perfect. Unfortunately the timing just wasn't right in this case and I will be putting that plan off for at least another year or so now.

I did have to change the way I worked to a certain extent. I chose to only do 1 postal run a week, sometimes 2 if a